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Architectural Policies 2.0
12.11.2015 à 9:00 - 13.11.2015 à 18:00  Colloque

Architectural Policies 2.0

Rethinking built environment policy making in Europe

We have the pleasure to invite you to the international conference

Rethinking built environment
policy making in Europe
which will be held in Luxembourg on
Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November 2015
within the framework of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the EU

This event is organised by LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture and OAI Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils under the aegis of the Luxembourg Ministry for Culture, Luxembourg.

Bringing together policy-makers and authorities, professionals and cultural actors from all over Europe, this conference will discuss actual and future expectations in regard of architectural policy making, focusing on the new generation of architectural policies on national, regional and local level throughout Europe. What are the new expectations? What are the new key issues? How are challenges like economic crisis, climate change, social cohesion or migration met and future needs anticipated? Who are the actors and what are their roles? What tools and mechanisms are being used?

Tentative programme overview:


  • 10:00-13:30 - Site visits and case studies: Esch-Belval
  • 14:30-17:00 - Workshop sessions
  • 19:30-22:30 - Award ceremony "Prix Luxembourgeois d'Architecture 2015" followed by reception


  • 09:00-13:00 : MORNING SESSIONS
    Session 1: Architectural policies in Europe - national level
    - National architectural policies in Europe, an overview
    - Reports from countries that newly implemented or revised national architectural policies (Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland)
    - Keynote: Evaluating the governance of design in the built environment, the CABE experiment and beyond - the leadership role of government in built environment design
  • 14:00-18:30 : AFTERNOON SESSIONS
    Session 2: Architectural policies in Europe - regional and local level
    - Keynote: Making architecture politically
    - Architectural policies for regions and cities
    - Examples of regional and local architectural policies (Finland, Austria)
    Session 3: Innovative programmes, methods, tools and actions
    - Best practice examples on regional and local level
    Policymakers roundtable: What does the future hold for architectural policies?

The official conference language is English, with occasional use of French or German. Simultaneous translation in English and French will be available.

Free registration: participants need to register at by using the delegation code 239.GUEST until the 6th November 2015. Please note that if this is the first time you register for a Luxembourg Presidency conference, you need to create a new account beforehand. After completion of the registration, badges will be issued at the conference venue.

Please find hereafter the tentative programme, a quick registration guide, information about your stay in Luxembourg and about hotels.