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"Building Utopia"
04.06.2019 de 18:30 à 20:00  Table ronde

"Building Utopia"

Activism vs Urbanism?

We are pleased to invite you to the next activation of the installation Bert Theis OUT (Office for Urban Transformation).

Presentations by- and dicussions between- 

Federica Gatta, architect, urbanist, phd in territorial planning, author of:
(Contre)pouvoirs urbains ? Éléments pour une critique anthropologique de l’urbanisme participatif.
Doina Petrescu, professor of Architecture and Design Activism at Sheffield University
Constantin Petcou, architect specialized in strategic & semiotic design, both founders of AAA (atelier d’architecture autogérée)
Eugenio Cosentino, architect and cofounding partner of Parasite 2.0

Moderation: Philippe Nathan, architect, founder of 2001.

"building utopia"

It reads at first sight as an oxymoron, an absurd contradiction.
Yet the building of a no-place, the act of constructing an inexistent, perfect state of things, holds something true or at least promising.
Through its state not as existent but rather as becoming, and less as present tense affirmation than as prospective speculation, it can serve as a credible premise.

It is a premise Bert Theis’ life and work can be blueprinted upon, but it can equally serve as mantra for every pragmatic idealist, every realistic dreamer.
Or is it a civic responsibility?

“Building utopia” is as much about the awareness and the questioning of a current socio-political status-quo, than about the articulation of an alternative narrative, an ideal vision, a collective and shared ideal, and the concrete action of -at least attempting to- realizing this vision.

The Office for Urban Transformation was and is, among others, about just that: contrary to any NIMBY (not in my back yard) attitude reactionary refusing any change, OUT aimed at revealing local specificities and sensitivities, needs and desires in order to infiltrate global capital’s generic urban development schemes and pro-actively and collectively articulating and proposing alternatives and site- or rather fight-specific interventions.

Hence its current day relevance.

“Building utopia” requires severe intellectual efforts. It demands first the acknowledging, researching and understanding of the mechanisms of society and urban fabrication, before imbalances can be identified and alternative narratives can be articulated and debated.

  • 04.06, 18:30
  • LUCA, Luxembourg Hollerich
  • Une coproduction Mudam Luxembourg Museum et LUCA Luxembourg Center or Architecture
  • Programme cadre de l'installation OUT en collaboration avec l'University of Luxembourg, Master in Architecture
  • English (no translation)
  • Free entrance, registration hereafter

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