Free Space - a Case Study of Red and Blue in Rijeka

Free Space - a Case Study of Red and Blue in Rijeka

30.03, 17:30, LUCA

Within the framework of the #Freiraum European project, 38 Goethe-Instituts and their partners in the arts and civil society were developing creative answers to the questions of the state of freedom in Europe’s cities. Rijeka and Luxembourg have been randomly chosen as a tandem which subsequently developed a LUXFLUX project, which deals with the two dimensions of the topic of freedom: Luxembourg is questioning public space as a space of freedom, while Rijeka is wondering whether or not we can guarantee individual freedom(s) in our society. 

Designers Leo Kirinčić and Maša Poljanec presented in November 2018 in Rijeka the exhibition CASE STUDY OF RED AND BLUE and are coming now in Luxembourg at LUCA. The installation focuses on two housing complexes, Red and Blue, built in 1978. Their architect Ninoslav Kučan wanted to create a complex that will fulfil the basic needs of its tenants.The installation is based on a comparative analysis of those two complexes, trying to find out why certain decisions were taken and how those decisions impacted on the lives of the present tenants.

  • Vernissage: 30.03, 17:30
  • Exhibition: 30.03-26.04
  • LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture, Luxembourg-Hollerich
  • Organised by: Institut Pierre Werner
  • Partners: Goethe-Institut Kroatien and Drugo more, LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture, Kasemattentheater - Centre Grand-Ducal d'Art Dramatique asbl and University of Luxembourg
  • Program is realized in the framework of Freiraum project of Goethe-Institut
  • Free entry

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